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Chris ColeChris Cole (FRSA) founded Cross Rhythms in 1983, and established Cornerstone House & Marketing in 1985. He was appointed to the board of Gilead Foundations in 1991. In the ‘90’s Chris acted as Executive Director and Trustee at United Christian Broadcasters, and until recently was the UK & Ireland Regional Director of GOD TV, where he now serves on the Board of Trustees. He is now focused on developing the strategy of the ‘Word in Action’ collaboration of Cross Rhythms, Cornerstone and Gilead. 

He and his wife Kerry also speak at conferences and can be contacted through Sarah Simpson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Many of us burn with a desire to make a positive social impact on the world around us, to combine our business expertise with a heart for social action and launch innovative projects to help our fellow man. I have had the privilege of meeting men and women over the years who have shared a similar vision. With strong character and generosity of spirit we have collaborated to bring the best elements of each of our organisations and ministries together. The productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of working together far outweighs the sum of the individual parts of this collaboration. We call it the Word In Action.

What follows is a brief account of the unique nature of three organisations that have chosen to collaborate and give momentum to each other as we reach for the same goal: the betterment of society. The three organisations are Cross Rhythms, who focus on broadcasting and contemporary Christian music, especially to a younger generation through internet and social media and also on Community Radio FM stations; Cornerstone Vision, involved primarily with publishing and marketing; and Gilead Foundations, which supports people as they recover from the damaging effects of compulsive behaviours.

By working together, we are able to penetrate society with a message of hope, market that message to the church and those outside the church, and deliver a highly effective supportive environment in response to the needs of people in a broken, hurting society...


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